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by admin on March 11, 2012

Hello dog and cat lovers,

We are currently recruiting ‘subjects’ for case studies that can be used as examples of the healing that can be achieved when the correct conditions are put in place.  Below is the list of criteria that will be used to select participants.  In return for free consultation and a free copy of Dog Nutrion 101 (sold here), participants will be requested to write a testimonial and submit photos and/or video of the subject animal before and after recovery.  Applicants living within driving distance of Seattle, Washington are preferred, but others will not necessarily be disqualified.  To apply, please send email of interest to:

  1. Dog or cat that has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, treatable or untreatable.  If the problem has not yet been diagnosed, it may be requested that the owner first obtain a veterinary diagnosis in order to establish and document the existing condition of the animal. 
  2. Young dogs and cats (<5 years)are preferred, but older animals will not necessarily be disqualified.
  3. Owner must agree to follow instructions to the letter for care and feeding of the animal, including fasting (if necessary), feeding proper foods and discontinuing feeding and/or medicating (including herbs, homeopathics, supplements, or other ‘natural’ remedies) practices that are deemed to be counterproductive.
  4. Owner must be sufficiently committed to a strictly natural approach and must be willing to educate him or herself about the truth regarding the physiological needs of cats and dogs, including reading literature that is recommended.  This is important because it will give the owner the necessary confidence in the power of the body to heal itself. 
  5. Owner must be sufficiently receptive to the principles of Natural Hygiene to the extent that these are applicable to canine or feline health.  Central to this philosophy is the idea that disease has a CAUSE and that the optimal way to deal with sickness is to find and eliminate its causes.  Once causes are removed, the body is fully capable of healing itself, without remedies or assistance beyond meeting the biological needs of the animal.
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