by admin on May 10, 2012

Recently it came to my attention that yet another batch of pet food companies has seen fit to warn the public about the dangers of feeding their products to dogs.  Dog owners will once again be scrambling to replace their current commercial foods with other, “safe” brands.  Let it hereby be known that there are NO “safe” commercial pet foods.  They are all manufactured not to keep your dog and cat healthy, but to make money from the sale of waste products created from the human food processing industry.  The desire to find a profitable means of disposal for waste is what motivated the invention of commercial pet foods in the first place.  The manufacturers will be quick to reassure the public that these recalls are anomalies — just momentary lapses in quality control.  And, it’s true!  HOWEVER, what they won’t tell you is that even when their so-called quality control is working perfectly, these foods are dangerous to the overall, long-term health of your dog or cat.  For all the talk of “balance” and “completeness” on the commercials and labels, commercial pet food will no more fill your pets’ true biological needs than eating Twinkies everyday will fulfill yours.  Pet owners have been sold a bill of goods, and the vets have gone along with it because it keeps their revolving doors turning.  The result has been the epidemic of chronic sickness that is seen among domestic dogs today.  If you’re ready to declare your independence and allow your dog to live the fully healthy and happy life he deserves, we can help.  Click on the Consulting page or send email to:

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