by admin on July 10, 2012

I hope everyone visiting this site realizes how different its message is from virtually every other animal-health-related site out there.  There are no other resources for people wanting to get to the true causes of their animals’ health issues.  There are no other forums or discussion platforms for exchanging information about the potential harm that veterinary intervention represents, so that people can make truly informed decisions.  To do that, people need to know ALL the costs and benefits of a chosen route.   Where are we to turn to find out what the real costs of surgery are, for example?  Is anyone in the veterinary profession talking about the toxic cost to the animal — the trauma, the injury (that’s what surgery is), the anasthesia, the pain drugs, antibiotics, etc., not to mention long term damage done by cutting into otherwise uninvolved peripheral tissues?  Not that I’m aware of.  There is a great need for discussions and resources of this kind.

If what you read here resonates with you, the first thing you can do is order the ebooklet about dog feeding on this site.  It is of great use to cat owners as well as dog owners because it addresses topics that are relevant to healthy cat rearing as well, like the harmfulness of commercial foods, whether supplementation is necessary, the vaccination issue and what disease is, in general.

The second thing you can do is join the NoMoreVetBills Yahoo Group:

Currently there are only 61 members but I would like to build it into a resource for people wanting to find ways to address health issues that are truly natural and that involve no compromise to the animal.  A great deal of valuable information can be had when open-minded people have the opportunity to share what they learn by going off the beaten path.

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