The hazards of feeding commercial ground raw pet food

by admin on September 30, 2017

It is becoming common now for me to receive emails from people who have been feeding commercial raw food to their pets and still experiencing disease. This surprises them because these commercial concoctions have been represented to us as the best we can do for our pets and are whole-heartedly endorsed by holistic, raw-friendly vets. Unfortunately, these foods are not the best we can do. The truth is, commercial grinds like Rad Cat, Stella & Chewy’s, Instinct, Darwin’s and others are nothing more than a better class of garbage for your pets.

The profit motive

First, we have to bear in mind that, just like all other commercial pet foods, these products are not manufactured to keep dogs and cats out of the vet’s office, but to make profits for their makers.  The market has observed the interest in raw feeding among pet owners, and its response is to produce a product that it can claim is raw and optimal.

Are they optimal?

Any food calling itself “optimal” MUST be, by definition, low in fat. Fat is a HUGE contributor to disease in dogs and cats. Why is fat such a big deal? Because when we feed fat from the agricultural animals in pet food, our pets are eating the indigestible garbage that was deliberately fed to the original animals for the sole purpose of fattening them up.  Residues from these inappropriate foods and other deleterious substances are stored in fat cells. In our pets’ bodies, these wastes perpetually circulate in the bloodstream, get deposited in tumors or fatty tissues and generally wreak havoc with organs, particularly those tasked with eliminating waste from the body. Kittens and puppies weaned onto these commercial raw foods might even experience the same kinds of symptoms that result when they are weaned onto kibble.

Fat causes disease and generates profit

The fat that is deliberately put on agricultural animals makes money for every link in the supply chain until it gets to us, the consumers.  When we eat it or feed it to our animals, it continues to make money for industries allied with the processed food industry, like the medical and veterinary industries.

The manufacturers of commercial raw pet foods would not make a profit if they did the right thing and removed the fat from the agricultural products they buy for inclusion in their products.  They do not do this. The fat is ground up with the meat and passed along to the consumer. Next time you buy a whole chicken or even a package of leg quarters, turn them over and see the large blobs of fat that the meat packagers are careful to hide from you. This is what your dog or cat is eating when you feed commercial raw ground pet food. It’s simply not possible for the manufacturers of commercial pet foods to turn a profit if they produced a product that would prevent disease while spending all the money they do on packaging, transportation, marketing and other related overhead. If such foods did exist, you’d know their quality by their exorbitant price, which would likely be far out of the range of affordability for most people. If nobody can afford to buy them, they’re not going to be manufactured. That’s why the ONLY way to keep their dogs and cats healthy is to learn how to home-feed.

We have the power

Even the meats that are sold on the human market are inferior to what would be produced in an ideal world, certainly. However, buying whole cuts of meat and trimming the fat before we feed instead of feeding commercially ground pet food gives us much more control over whether our animals get sick.

Nobody’s talking about the problems with these commercial grinds, so unless people find my website or otherwise become aware of the fat issue, they can start to think that it really doesn’t matter what their animals eat because sickness is truly unavoidable. Often they allow their vets to persuade them that feeding raw food is the problem, and it’s an easy sell from there to prescription kibble.  These former raw feeders then complain to everyone who will listen that they fed raw and their animals still got sick, like raw feeding doesn’t work. They even have the gall to email me and tell me that raw feeding doesn’t work.

Home prepared raw food is the only way to properly feed pets

Raw feeding works, but only when it is done properly. Pet owners cannot abdicate the responsibility of feeding their pets to companies that have profits as their #1 priority, no matter what the labels say or how caring their commercials make them look.

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Karen Newman September 30, 2017 at 4:36 am

This information has improved my two dogs lives immensely. I now only feed whole prey, it takes work to source them but the effort is rewarded tenfold in the glowing health of our pets!!! Nora is the only person that I am aware of who is sharing this information. Take a look in your commercial raw mince you can see all the fat and I bought the so called best quality out there…


admin October 24, 2017 at 4:05 am

Thanks for your comment, Karen!


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